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Subject : "The Cavalry has arrived"

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YOJN is the Zapier of your AI, Mixpanel of your AI and Segment of your AI at the same time! Yes, integrate data from any source, host on any platform, run any model, and just let your product teams take care of making your AI better for the business, with 3 lines of code that seamlessly integrate with your codebase, and simply let all of the AI(s), talk to each other.

YOJN AI works right between your Model Layer and Observability Layer in your GenAI Stack. With our data structure of Apps orchestrating your agent, you get more than a simple agent orchestration platform.

YOJN helps you isolate errors and weights on agent level, helping you contain the spread of false context & thereby prevent garbage seeping into undesired areas of your AI. Plus, YOJN enables you to set up rich guardrails around it including "checks". No more chaos!

With that taken care of, YOJN help you identify the callback traces and surface the correlations of these traces (and much more) so you know not just "What your model is doing?" and "With whom it's doing what?" but also,"Where is it getting confused the most?"Β 

Your organisational intelligence is complex. So is your organisations experience hierarchy! YOJN understands that and adjusts for bias right out of the box - helping you create truest representation of your intelligence's tokens.

With YOJN's unique approach on AI Controllability and AI Explainability, YOJN's interface wraps up the complexities of Quantisation, Hosting, Fine-tuning & RLHF/DPO behind the curtain of your own premise, giving your subject matter experts simple interface to teach your AI, what they know best.

All this with 1 click deployment, version control, and A/B Testing in the language of your OKRs and none of those pesky metrics (YOJN gives you those as well, but lets be honest, how many business meetings you spent just trying to understand a statistical benchmark and what it means for your business).

YOJN comes with a simple subscription model. We help you configure and set it up - Your success is our responsibility, so you can push that demo from previous sprint, to production - faster and more confidently!

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PS: It's all "text" for now. Multimodal coming soon ... we'll make this website more graphical once it's ready ;)

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More than just an agent orchestration platform.